Fresh Pick of the week || Something I can't and won't live without

Happy Friday Eve friends!

I hope you are all in enjoying my site thus far! I'm so excited about the positive feedback I've been receiving from so many of you and wanted to say thank you to all of those who reached out to me, shared my site on social media, subscribed to my page or just told me how much they love it. I'm truly humbled and all your kind words mean the world to me and that's all the motivation I need to keep it going!

If you know me, you'll know that I literally can't live without fresh flowers in my home! My two favorite flowers are peonies and roses (preferably in blush tones or white). Its a thing that I started a few years ago and just stuck with me. There is something about having fresh flowers in my home that I really can't describe but I don't think I could live without them. I'd like to say I got the habit from my grandmother, because she loves fresh flowers too. Whenever she has a guests at the house, she always has a bouquet of fresh flowers. Maybe I'm just carrying on the tradition?

So once a week I purchase the most beautiful flowers I can find, I trim them, arrange them and put them all over my home.

Lately I've been teaching Sophia how to care for flowers and I think she's starting to have the same love for them as I do. We recently started growing peonies outside and every evening we go out and water them together. She even talks to them and call them her babies... Lol! Below I posted a photo of her making the arrangement all by herself and she was so excited to show her daddy!

Sophia's finished product - I'm such a proud mommy!

This weeks flower haul is from Whole Foods Market. I'd have to say that Whole Foods and Trader Joe's are my two favorite places to get my flowers.. and trust me, the prices are great for the bulk of flowers you get.

2 bundles of blush spray rose - Whole Foods $4.99 each

Baby Blue Eucalyptus -Whole Foods $6.99

Silver Dollar Eucalyptus -Whole Foods $6.99

I've recently started adding in extra filler with my peonies or rose and I think adding my secret greens give my arrangements the perfect touch. Here is my secret! Baby blue Eucalyptus and Silver dollar Eucalyptus!

Baby Blue Eucalyptus

Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!