Celebrate || Birthday ideas for that special guy in your life!

Tonight I want share the present I put together for my husbands birthday a few weeks ago. I don't know about you but my for some reason my husband has always been one of the hardest people to buy gift for and that is because he always says he wants "NOTHING" every.single.year. Regardless if Matt's says he doesn't want anything, I'm getting him something anyways. If I don't celebrate his birthday my holiday/birthday/celebration morals are totally violated! So what do I typically resort to? Clothes, shoes, clothes and more shoes... How original right!? This past year I'm trying to gift more than just your generic gift card or t-shirt or pair of shoes. 

I don't think that getting him the biggest present in the world is necessary as well, but getting him something unique and something he wouldn't actually buy himself. One thing I love about Matt is that he loves to cook. It's one of his favorite hobbies and believe it or not, he cooks way more than I do! I pretty much have my own personal chef! So this year I wanted to get him something that he could uses while cooking and maybe something he could sip while cooking too. 


I'm absolutely obsessed with PAPYRUS cards. I buy them for every birthday, every holiday, every event, you name it! I think they are so stylish and have great detail that makes them stand out and more memorable than your typical birthday card that nobody looks at again. 

P.S. PAPYRUS stores always have a buy 2 card, get 1 free deal. I always take advantage of that. They also have PAPYRUS Perks too. Look into it when you get the chance. 



I'm telling you, Williams-Sonoma never fails. I found this AMAZING meat and cheese knife set there. I love how unique, yet masculine the wood handles on the knives are. If I've learn over the years if it has wood grain on it, he'll love it. Just like he knows I love any and everything marble!

P.S. Free wrapping in store is KEY when you're in a rush. I have to give a shout out to my girls in the Charleston Williams-Sonoma. I told them I needed this gift wrapped in like less than two minutes because I was in such a rush, they did it in one! They are superstars! 

Olivewood Cheese Knives - Williams-Sonoma

I didn't just want to give him knife set without a really unique cutting board. I found this really cool Charcuterie cutting board at World Market for a really inexpensive price. He was really into it too. It can fit a ton of meats and cheeses on it and it goes great with the knife set. 

World Market 

Added Bonus - Drinks

Last I added a six pack to his present. Matt and I always have drink on Friday night and just hang out because we don't get much time to spend together during the week. I figured gifting him a six pack of Long Boards would be a great bonus to his beer themed card and his birthday present! 

Hope this turns your basic gifts in 

to unique and from the heart gifts for that special guy in your life!