TBT || A look back at some of my last years fall decor

Well it's officially Throwback Thursday! Since I'm so into fall right now, I wanted to share a few photos of my last years fall decor. What do you think?

Amongst plenty of other things I'm obsessed with, I'm also obsessed with wreaths. I have a designated closet full of them and it's not uncommon for me to have multiple wreaths for each season. One thing I've noticed is, wreaths can get pretty pricey depending on the detail, so I'm always on the hunt for a wreath at a great price, with great details, that doesn't look tacky. I always look at places like Homegoods, Marshalls, Kirklands, Hobby Hobby and even Michaels! The wreath below I found at Homegoods for only $19.99 last fall!

The wreath below is probably my favorite fall wreath I love the blue tinted pumpkins and gourds around it! I think it gives off a rustic and cooler fall feel. I styled my front porch with blue and white pumpkins to match. I found the wreath at a home store down here in Charleston for roughly $30.00. I think this year I'm going to stick with the cool colors for fall.

This is an entertainment center that is below our TV in our family room. This was one of my favorite fall looks that I did last year. The candle holders are from World Market and the candles were actually white pumpkin spice scented! The floral piece I found at Homegoods along with the velvet stuffed pumpkins! The velvet pumpkins are my favorite! I got them for less that $15.00 each! I'm definitely going to be on the lookout for more this year!

The definitely have a love-hate relationship with the table pictured below and lots of times I struggle with styling this area of my home, so what end up happening is the table is bare until I find something to put on it! Last year when I was on my weekly flower search, I couldn't find any flowers that looked decent or that I really had to have. I ended up finder these bundles of wheat. I bought two bundles for about 5 dollars each and threw them in the white ceramic pitcher. I took two books that I had laying around, wrapped them in white paper and tied burlap ribbon around them. I threw a few pumpkins that Sophia had picked out on top and this is how the table turned out!

This table I had style for my foyer. I found these awesome fall floral wreath for these candle holders at World Market for about $3.00 each. The orange candles are Mexican Pumpkin Spice scented candles from world market as well!

Hoping this post leaves you super inspired to get your homes spruced up for fall! Enjoy!

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