TGIF || Lemonsecco Raspberry Fizz

Happy Friday! Oh my goodness... all the work I've done and learned this week has literally made my brain hurt! All good things, all good things but I'm really looking forward to the next two days off with my little peanut and my husband. If you only knew what I went through tonight...I've never had such a difficult time making a drink and this one has the fewest ingredients out of all of the drinks but I wanted to make sure it was just right. I would have had this posted hours ago but it wasn't perfect, and I'm not giving you anything but my best! I will accept this all as a part of the process. So let's jump into it! I'll still keep it brief but I had to rant just a teeny tiny bit! 

My in-laws have been down here in Charleston for the week and it has been the fastest week of my life. We haven't spent much time with them because Matt and I work Monday through Friday. So we've been spending as much time as we can with them during the evening! When I started thinking of my weekly cocktail I want to make something that my mother-in-law would drink with me. She loves lemoncello so I figured this would be the perfect ingredient to whatever I made tonight. 

I decided to make a cocktail with Prosecco, Lemoncello Liquor, Lemoncello Soda and fresh raspberries!



Splash of Lemoncello Liquor

World Market Lemoncello Soda 

Handful Fresh Raspberries 

Mint (for garnish) 

Fresh Lemon (for garnish) 

Chill Prosecco and Lemoncello. Pour2/3 Prosecco into stemless wine glass or champagne flute. Lightly splash Lemoncello liquor into Prosecco. Top with Lemoncello Soda. Add handful of fresh raspberries. Garnish drink with fresh mint and lemon. Add Ice. as needed or as desired. 

Grab your drink and a friend and cheers to the week ending, kids going back to school or whatever is worth celebrating!