Thank you || One Month of Blogging

Hey friends! I hope your week is wonderful! I was going through my blog today, planning and prepping for the weeks to come when I realized, It has been exactly one month since I published my first post and my blog to you all! It's pretty crazy because this blog has been something I've been wanting to do for years now and I was so fearful of failure and people not enjoying it that I put it off all of this time. It has definitely been much harder than I thought or planned. I spend a ton of hour after getting home from my actual job writing, editing and getting photos together for my content. But there is something that I enjoy so much about it, something almost therapeutic that keeps me coming back day after day. Since starting the blog I've had the complete opposite of what I feared. Almost every day I hear such positive and encouraging words about the site and it is so uplifting and humbling to me. So all of the kind words I've received have made all of those long nights worth it! My husband and family have pushed me so much to continue as well and I couldn't be more thankful for their support. When I started this I said to myself, "Just one month." Well we've already made it one month, let's go for two! Thank you so much everyone!