Decor || My Lighting Obsession

Hey guys!

Well we're half way through the week. I'm not counting down the days until this three day weekend coming up or anything! LOL

Tonight I wanted to share with you my love for lighting. Lighting decor is on my list of favorite things in the world! Yep, I'm obsessed. I love nothing more than beautiful light fixtures! Ask my husband, he's always buying me them! I'm actually running out of spots to put them in my house. When Matt and I built our house almost two years ago the first thing that I wanted to replace was the standard lighting that the builders put in every room. There were options to upgrade our fixtures but the light fixtures they offered we not my style and extremely overpriced for something I'd replace shortly after moving in. After lots of searching and debating, I slowly starting building my collection of chandeliers.

Below are three of my favorite chandeliers in my home, what do you think?


This light is in our master bedroom! This is our most recent light and I'm obsessed with that it looks vintage but also how many lights it has on it! The brighter the better!

Kichler Camella Williamsburg Chandelier in Brass - Lowe's - $189.00

This was my first light for our new home! Matt got this for me for my birthday. This light is in our foyer! Considering our foyer has a grey theme, I thought the nickel finish would go perfect in there!

Kichler Vivian Globe in Brush Nickel - Lowe's - $189.00

This light is in our dining room and I'm so obsessed with the gold leaf finish on it. I actually hated this light when Matt first installed it... that's a story for him to tell but I ended up falling in love it and it has quickly become my favorite light fixture in the house. It's also on sale now!

Gold Lead Trellis 4 Light Chandelier - - Was 190.69 Now $132.74

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