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TGIF || Caramel Apple Mimosas

Hey everyone!

Wow! I'd have to say this week did go pretty fast. I'm sure you know by now that I'm always ready for a good weekend. My Dad was in town two weekends ago and is now back again to visit. We plan on just hanging out and laying low with the family. Matt and I have a surprise planned for Sophia on Sunday afternoon, which I'm so excited about. I love seeing Sophia's reaction to surprises!

I'm not going to lie, my week has been so crazy that it has been down to the wire for making tonight's drink, but I'm starting to think I work really well under pressure because this is probably one of my coolest drinks yet. When Matt called me on his way home from work I was like, "Please pick up Champagne and apples!?" He was probably so confused... I figured I'd work with what I had and I ended up impressing myself! I ended up making a Caramel Apple Mimosa with a caramel and peanut dipped rim. This is a super easy recipe that I think you're going to love. Go me!

I think this is a great weekend drink for the fall, especially for my brunch and pumpkin patch goers! What could be better than a brunch with Caramel Apple Mimosas followed with a little pumpkin picking with your girlfriends?


Caramel Cubes (for caramel sauce)

Brut Champagne (or your choice)

Fresh Apple Cider

Granny Smith Apples slices (for garnish)

Unsalted Peanuts


1. In medium sauce pan on low to medium add Carmel cubes with 2 tablespoon of water. Stir until caramel becomes a smooth and consistent caramel sauce. Remove from heat and let cool.

2. While caramel sauce is cooling, crush unsalted peanuts into fine pieces. Place on salad plate and set to the side.

3. Dip two champagne flutes in caramel sauce. Then dip flutes into crushed peanuts.

4. Fill champagne flute half way with Brut Champagne and top with freshly squeezed Apple Cider.

5. Add Granmy Smith Apple slices for garnish

6. Grab your partner and cheers to the fun weekend ahead!

Have a save and super fun weekend my friends!


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