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A Graziano Family Favorite || Chili recipe for the chilly days ahead

Hey everyone!

Tonight I want to share with you a recipe I've been making since Matt and I got married. During the fall and winter months we love making chili in our house. It's always so delicious and comforting on those colder days. We always have a ton left over and it's even better the next day. I have two chili recipes that flip flop back and forth between, but tonight I'm going to share my White Chicken Chili with you.

To be honest, I don't follow a particular recipe, I just go by feel and taste. Tonight, I tried my best to measure the ingredients out to get you a more accurate recipe to follow. My family loved it and I think you will too!

White Chicken Chili


2 large Chicken breasts (diced or cubed)

3 fresh garlic clove (diced)

1 yellow onion (diced)

4 ounces of diced green chillies (I used canned)

2 cans Organic Cannellini Beans

1/2 C. of Organic yellow corn (or canned works as well)

1 C. of Chicken broth

8 ounces (1 package) of Neufchâtel Cheese

4 ounces of shredded Monterrey Jack Cheese

Olive Oil

Sea salt (to your liking)

Freshly ground Pepper (to your liking)

3/4 Tsp. Paprika

1/4 Tsp. Cayenne Pepper

1/2 Tsp. Coriander

Tortilla Chips (option for dipping) * I love Tositos Scoups!


In an 8 quart dutch oven, add olive oil and fresh diced garlic cloves on medium to high heat. Let the oil heat up and add cubed chicken, diced yellow onion and green chilis'. Sauté Chicken until fully cooked. While sautéing the chicken, season with salt, pepper, coriander, paprika, and cayenne pepper. Add 1 cup of corn. Stir in thoroughly, then add two cans of cannellini beans. Pour in 1 cup of chicken broth. Reduce heat and let simmer for 15-20 minutes. Stir every few minutes to prevent sticking. Slice Neufchâtel cheese into small sections and slowly add to the mixture, stir thoroughly as it melts to make a creamy texture. Let the chili simmer for another 10-15 minutes but also stirring frequently. While the chilli is simmering, grate Monterrey Jack cheese and place in side a ramekin. Remove chili from heat and let cool for about 5 minutes. We serve ours in soup bowls and garnish with shredded Monterrey Jack cheese and dip tortilla chips in it!

My Kitchen Gadgets

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Olivewood Salt Keeper - Williams-Sonoma - $49.95

Wood Pepper Mill - Williams-Sonoma - $39.96

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Le Creuset Ramekin in white - WS - no longer available (similar here)



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