Christmas || Our favorite Hot Cocoa

Hey Guys!

Can you believe we’re less than five days away from Christmas? I'm sure many of you, like myself are last minute holiday shopping and doing lots of fun things to get in the Christmas spirit. I for one and becoming best friends with online shopping and I think the UPS and FedEx guys are probably so sick of our address considering we're getting personal truckloads of boxes, everyday (lol)! ....My foyer is literally stacked with boxes!

So with the holiday season amongst us I love getting into the spirit by doing tons of Christmas activities! One thing I love doing during the holidays with Sophia is getting her ready for bed and putting her in her Christmas themed pajamas, then we get our fuzzy blankets and sit on the couch watch as many Christmas movies or shows we can cram in before 8pm. Tonight I'm going to share with you our favorite hot cocoa we make every year. It's the most delicious and I can't go back to any other kind!

We use Williams-Sonoma Classic Hot Chocolate. It's a European style hot chocolate that tastes so good and makes your house smell like a chocolate shop. I always make it on my stove top by heating up milk and slowly adding in the chocolate shaving that blend into a really smooth texture like you'd find in a European restaurant or cafe. I can't get over how delicious this hot cocoa tastes. It goes perfectly in these Naughty and Nice mugs I found from Homegoods! Just add marshmallows or whipped cream - Sophia prefers both!

I'm also so in love with the packaging. Ever since I can remember it has come in this adorable and very festive tin that you can reuse after you're done with it. This is a great gift idea (no wrapping paper required) to give for Christmas with maybe some festive dish towels or a pretty mug set.


I added the link below so you can head right over to the page and pick some up for yourself. Enjoy!

Williams-Sonoma Classic Hot Chocolate - Williams-Sonoma - $ 19.95 or $35.95 for 2