Health & Wellness || My Go-To Green Juice when I’m feeling sluggish or bogged down by all those

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

With the holiday festivities in full fledge, it can definitely be hard to stay on track with a healthy diet and fitness lifestyle. I have a very hard time resisting all the christmas cookies and desserts for sure!

Today, I'm sharing my go-to drink for when I'm feeling kind of sluggish and tired. I'm a true believer when it comes to listening to what your body is telling you. I know that if I ate pretty crappy, my body will let me know the next day. It's pretty much saying, "Hey, not cool! You're going to pay for it now!" I can feel really sluggish, full of unwanted sugars and fats, super tired and sometimes I can feel a littler irritable. This green juice that I'm about to share with you holds tons of nutritional value and can quickly pick me up out of my snail-speed state in no time!

Go-To Green

(Makes 2 Large Serving)

2 Large Green Apples

Thumb size of (peeled) Ginger

1 Lemon

1 Lime

4 Celery Stalks

2 Cucumbers

2 Large handfuls of baby Spinach


Peel skin of Ginger with vegetable peeler. Also pull the skin off of the lemon and lime. Cut apples into halves or fourths if too large for juice. Wrap larger ingredients with fresh baby spinach to make it easier to juice. Juice all ingredients. When finished, refrigerate if desired or pour juice over ice.

Juicing Tips*

- I store my extra juice in large glass Ball Jar containers and drink throughout the day, this helps seal in the nutrients opposed to plastic.

- Disgard any juice thats older than 24 hours due to it's loss of nutrients throughout it's standing time.

-Before taking your juicer apart, assure that it turned completely off and unplugged.

- To eliminate your cleaning stress, put a small garbage or plastic grocery bag in the pulp container to catch all the raw pulp. This makes clean up so much easier.

-Take your machine apart by one piece at a time. Hand wash with hot soapy water. My particular juice is dishwasher safe but I prefer to hand wash it. This makes it lifespan last a little bit longer. Dishwashers can be very harsh on juicer parts and dull the blades and coloring of your other parts (i.e., the feeder chute, juicing cover, and juice spout).

-Use the brush the juicer comes with to clean the really tough spots on the stainless steal micro-mesh basket. This is a huge help!

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I hope this drink leaves you energized and motivated to continue with your fitness goals throughout this holiday season!