Beauty || Christmas Nails

Happy Christmas Eve everyone,

We’re only one day away from Christmas! I spent the majority of my day yesterday picking up last minute gifts and stocking stuffers for tomorrow. It was so chaotic that I couldn’t wait to get home and just chill out with my family!

Today Gianna (my sister-in-law) and I are prepping for Christmas by doing our nails together! For the past year or so I’ve been getting my nails done at the salon, but I stopped because my natural nails had become so brittle. They were so thin, and were constantly breaking that I HAD to stop getting them done. So, I started doing my nails myself! I absolutely love Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour. The formula is so great and the colors are so pretty. The two colors below were my go-to colors for this Christmas. I love that Emeraude (green) has a gold-sparkley tint to it and that Pirate (red) is such a pretty red, yet it has a pink undertone. What do you think?!

Emeraude (Green) - Nordstrom - $28.00

Pirate (Red) - Nordstrom - $28.00

Have a wonderful Christmas Eve everyone!