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TGIF || A Valentine’s Day Inspired Drink

Happy Friday everyone! 

Like I said in yesterday's post - I want to share with you as much Valentine’s Day inspired posts as I can within the next two weeks. Since there’s only two more Fridays left until Valentine’s Day, I thought tonight would be the perfect night to post my first Valentine's Day inspired cocktail. Tonight I made a Red Velvet Cake Martini. If you’re a huge fan of red velvet, this might become your new favorite cocktail, with a cream cheese icing rim- it tastes just like cake! This is a great signature drink for Valentine’s themed dinner parties or a Valentine’s evening with all of your best girlfriends! It's so pretty isn't it? Let’s get to it! 


(Makes 2 Martinis) 

3 oz. of Cake flavored Vodka (I used Three Olives) 

2 oz. of Creme de Cacao

6 oz. of Milk of your preference (Almond, Cashew, Soy, Regular will work) 

2 Tbsp of Red Velvet Cake mix ( I took it right out of a boxed mix) 

Cream Cheese Icing (optional for Garnish)

Valentine’s Sprinkles (optional for Garnish) 



Dip rim of martini glasses in cream cheese icing a then dip in sprinkles. Place ice in metal cocktail shaker and pour the ingredients over the ice. Shake well until mixture turns red and frothy. Pour mixture in martini glasses and serve immediately. Cheers to a month full of hugs and love! 



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