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KIDS || Just a few of my favorite Valentine’s Books to read to Sophia

Hey everyone, Happy Saturday!

I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend! We are having a pretty relaxing weekend around here. We went out for brunch this afternoon and went for a long walk along the Charleston Harbor. We’re now just enjoying being at home and relaxing with each other. Since we’re winding down for the night, I thought this would be a great night to share some books Matt and I have been reading to Sophia before Valentine’s Day gets here.

I love nothing more than gifting books to Sophia for holidays, birthdays or just because... If I could name one thing that I'm proud of as a parent, it would be our bedtime routine that we started when Sophia was about three months old. Matt and I have read to her every night since and it’s one of our favorite routines of the day/night. Sophia loves it too, now that she's older she tries to read to us. It's absolutely adorable! I love reading seasonal books leading up to the holidays. These are a few of Sophia's favorite Valentine’s books this year. She always gets a few books so there will be a few in her Valentine’s Day Surprise as well!

Links below too!


Happy Valentine’s Day Curious George ! - Target- $7.99

Llama Llama I love You - Target -$4.99

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse ! - Target -$4.99


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