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Valentine’s Fun || Chocolate Lippy Lollies

Happy Monday everyone!

We had another really relaxed day yesterday It downpoured all day so we couldn’t do much as far as going outside or really going anywhere so I did what I do best, went on a Target run and picked up some supplies to make chocolate lollipops! Wilton Cakes makes these really fun lollipop molds along with chocolate you can melt and pour right into the molds. I thought this was a great project to do with Sophia because it’s super easy, doesn’t have a ton of steps and you can get really creative with it during different holidays. We picked our a lip shaped mold in honor of Valentine’s Day!

Sophia helped me every step of the way from melting the chocolate, placing all the sticks into the molds, pouring the chocolate and pulling them out of the molds and placing them into the cutest little bags with a pretty draw string! She had so much fun doing all of the work and she's super proud to say she made them all. Sophia is so excited to give them to all her friends too! This age is so much fun because she gets so excited about everything. I love nothing more than seeing her excited about fun little holiday projects like this!



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