Gift Guide || Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Happy February everyone!

Can you believe that Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away? Valentine’s Day has always been one of my favorite days! As a kid, I remember making Valentine's Day mailboxes out of a shoebox with pretty pink paper, stickers and glitter! Now that I'm a mom, I love sharing those memories with Sophia too! So the days leading up to Valentine's Day I try to squeeze in as many activities as possible with her. On Valentine's Day I love leaving her with a big surprise in the morning! Today, I thought I'd share with you a few present ideas that are definitely Valentine's gift worthy for us ladies! Don't worry, I'll have a gift guide for the men later this week!

1. APL Phantom Calf Fur Running Shoes - Neiman Marcus

I saw these shoes a while ago and I am absolutely obsessed with them. I'm also going through a really weird leopard obsession right now so much of what I'm currently purchasing has leopard print on it. I love nothing more that a pair of comfortable sneakers and I think these are both comfortable and stylish for running errands or even if you out shopping with friends!

2. NARS 'Wanted' Blush Palette - Neiman Marcus

With Spring (hopefully) in the near future - I start to gear up my make up for some changes. In the winter I like to wear alot of warmer/darker colors on my face, but when spring approaches I like to lighten up my makeup for more a refreshing look. This palette is a perfect gift for Valentine's Day because it has a variety of light and warm colors with a few shades that have added shimer. Plus the name of the palette is called "Wanted." How fitting is that?

3. Chanel Le Vernis Rouge Essentiel Nail Colour - Chanel

*Try Chanel Gel Top Coat - It's Amazing! - Nordstrom

If I'm not getting my nails done at a salon, Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour is my "go-to' nail polish. It's a little pricy but I only have a few stocked up in my collection of nail polish and rotate them often. This color would be such a classic red to wear on Valentine's Day.

4. Beauty Bio Glo Pro - Beauty Bio

Okay, ladies this little device will literally change you life. Right after the holidays my skin was looking pretty rough and dry. Most of it probably had to do with all the sweets and food I was endulging in over the holidays but I needed to change my skincare routine so I bought the Beauty Bio Glo Pro. I use it every other night on my face and on my body. Within one month of using it my skin has already transformed to clearer and smoother skin! You won't regret this! Beauty Bio is all featuring a limited additon lip Glo Pro. How cute is that!? (Follow up post to come)

5. Saint Laurent Lou Lou Glasses - Net-A-Porter

If you know me, you know I'm obsessed with BIG sunglasses. Each year I splurge and buy myself a pair of new glasses and wear them until the arms fall off! These beauties were my special pick for this year! I absolutely love the heart shaped frame and that they are so dark. The big frames are truly fitting for any face shape! They kind of remind me of the emoji with the heart eyes! (LOL)

6. Ugg Nya Short Pajamas - Nordstrom

I love nothing more than loungewear. If I could, I'd go to work in sweatpants and a comfy top EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I found these Ugg Nya Short Pajamas on the Nordstrom app and have been eyeing them up for about a week now. They look so soft and comfy. Although I haven't purchased them yet, they are on my wishlist and I'll let ya'll know as soon as I get my hands on them. Blush is absolutely my favorite color, but these come in black too!

7. GG Marmont Matelassé Mini in Red - Gucci

I know I mentioned that my favorite color is pink or blush tones but I am also obsessed with the color red. I think red is such a bold color and should not be warn on any ole given day. I believe that red should be warn or used for statement pieces and to make an outfit pop. This GG Marmont bag is the perfect example of what a red statement piece should look like. I've been secretivly dying for this bag for years now! It is truly so fitting for Valentine's Day!

**** P.S. If you love designer brands but hate the prices checkout Fashionphile, I found a ton of similar bags to the GG Marmont for lesson than retail price. They are gently used, authentic and in great condition without paying the full price from the store itself. I love that you can actually look through picture of small scratches or wear and tear before purchasing the item. Fashionphile is also great source for reselling you designer bags too! Definitely check them out here!

8. Melitta Pour Over in Pink - Pottery Barn

Where are my coffee lovers at? I'm a huge fan of a bold cup of coffee and enjoying it on the couch under a soft blanket. Matt and I have been dabbling into different styls of making coffee. This Melitta Pour Over Kettle is perfect for one cup of bold coffee. All you need is your favorite coffee and hot water. The color matches much of my pink kitchen appliances so this gift is truly a no brainer for me!

9. Diptyque Baies Candle - Nordstrom

Have you ever got a wiff of this candle? If not, put yourself in the car and drive to Nordstrom right this second. This candle smells AMAZING. This will also make the rooms in your home smell without even burning the candle. Another thing I love about this candle is that it also comes with simple packaging that matches any room in your home. I think we can all agree that ladies love great smells, this is one I definitely reccomend!

I hope you enjoy my gift guide and feel free to share with others!

Have a great rest of you weekend!



P.S. Don't forget to return for the Ultimate Dudes Gift Guide - you won't want to miss it!

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